The Canadian government’s rationale for a carbon tax is that it addresses the costs associated with the effects of climate change, but critics say the tax is unfair, ineffective, and puts unnecessary burdens on the working class. (CNS/Harley Schwadron)

The Catholic carbon tax conundrum: balancing solidarity, subsidiarity, governance, and prudence

As the world navigates the complexities of the climate change issue, the implementation of a carbon tax has become an unavoidable reminder that political and practical choices and actions often have complex and unforeseen consequences. They can, for example, have impacts not only on the environment, but on individuals who have to deal with the...

(Unsplash photo) Canadian senators passed a bill officially delayed medical assistance in dying (MAiD) for individuals solely living with a mental illness until March 17, 2027. The Senate passed Bill C-62 at third reading on Feb. 29.

Canada’s Senate pushes MAiD for mentally ill three years down the road

Medical assistance in dying (MAiD) access for individuals solely living with a mental illness is officially delayed until March 17, 2027, as the Senate of Canada passed Bill C-62 at third reading Feb. 29. Senators passed the bill during their last sitting before March 19. It had to pass on Leap Day or else medical...

The St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre in Montreal. The Archbishop of Montreal has launched a legal appeal of Quebec’s end-of-life law that forces palliative care hospices to offer “Medical Assistance in Dying.” (Google Street View image)

Archdiocese of Montreal suing Quebec government over MAiD forced upon hospice

In what could prove to be a landmark case for religious and conscience rights in Canada, Montreal’s Archbishop Christian Lépine has taken on the Attorney General of Quebec. In an appeal for judicial review submitted to the Quebec Superior Court on Feb. 5, Archbishop Lépine asked for an immediate stay of the application of an...

The pro-life Centre for Bioethical Reform is advertising summer job opportunities, but efforts by abortion advocates have made it difficult. (Centre for Bioethical Reform Instagram)

A one-woman abortion crusade influenced Ottawa’s Summer Jobs program; will MAiD be next?

It was Joyce Arthur and her Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) who convinced the Trudeau government to kick pro-life organizations out of the Canada Summer Jobs program seven years ago. Now, the British Columbia atheist-humanist is pressing to open MAiD eligibility further — and do away with “paternalistic, unethical” faith-based health care. Arthur’s Abortion...

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