The funeral cortege for former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney takes to the snowy streets of Montreal on March 23, 2024. Mr. Mulroney’s hearse was accompanied by eight RCMP pallbearers, along with four RCMP officers on horseback, a Canadian Armed Forces escort and guard of honour and the Royal Canadian Air Force Band. (Peter Stockland photo)

Prime Minister Mulroney’s funeral: ‘Mulroney was the last. There are no statesmen left in the world’

Msgr. Francis Coyle shared more with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney than having an Irish name. Msgr. Coyle is pastor of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Basilica, which he says the Mulroney children referred to as “Dad’s church.” He presided over the 2008 wedding of the former Prime Minister’s eldest son, Ben, and from March 21 to 23,...

The Archdiocese of Montreal has filed an appeal to overturn a Quebec Superior Court ruling compelling a palliative care home to offer assisted suicide. (Unsplash photo)

Palliative care ruling threatens Montreal archdiocese’s work

The Archdiocese of Montreal argues in a court filing it is being obliged to “assist in what constitutes ‘murder’ ” by being denied a temporary exemption to keep MAiD out of a local palliative care centre. The claim came in an appeal filed March 15 seeking to overturn an earlier ruling by Quebec Superior Court...

St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre in Montreal

Judge denies MAiD stay on Montreal centre

A Quebec Superior Court judge has denied the Archdiocese of Montreal’s request for a stay of the legal obligation placed on a Montreal palliative care centre to offer assisted death to its residents. Justice Catherine Piché said in her March 1 ruling that “the balance of convenience does not favour the issuance of a stay.”...

Mother Paradis: third Canadian-born saint known for her ‘open arms and transparent heart’

Rome’s announcement of a third Canadian-born saint answers the prayers of Blessed Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis’ community and friends. The Quebec-born founder of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family will join St. Marie-Marguerite d’Youville and St. Brother André Bessette as the only Canadian-born canonized saints, the Vatican said in late January. The Friends of Mother...

The St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre in Montreal. The Archbishop of Montreal has launched a legal appeal of Quebec’s end-of-life law that forces palliative care hospices to offer “Medical Assistance in Dying.” (Google Street View image)

Archdiocese of Montreal suing Quebec government over MAiD forced upon hospice

In what could prove to be a landmark case for religious and conscience rights in Canada, Montreal’s Archbishop Christian Lépine has taken on the Attorney General of Quebec. In an appeal for judicial review submitted to the Quebec Superior Court on Feb. 5, Archbishop Lépine asked for an immediate stay of the application of an...

Thousands of Catholics have passed through the Holy Door in the Sacred Heart Chapel of Québec City’s Notre-Dame du Québec Basilica to mark the jubilee year for the Archdiocese of Quebec’s 350th anniversary. (Photo by Samuel Tessier)

Quebec’s 350th: Jubilee year will mark historic past but also its shortcomings

As the Archdiocese of Quebec embarks on a jubilee year to mark its 350th anniversary, it hopes to strike the right balance between celebrating the significant historical role played by the archdiocese while acknowledging the sober realities facing the modern Church. On Dec. 8, 2023, the Archdiocese inaugurated the jubilee year by opening the Holy...

Cardinal Collins and Bishop Leo

Cardinal Collins retirement to be filled by Montreal’s Bishop Leo

Cardinal Collins retirement to be filled by Montreal’s Bishop Leo

On hearing that Montreal Bishop Frank Leo would succeed him as Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins immediately thought of Toronto’s first bishop, Michael Power. At a parish feast day Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes, downtown Toronto, Collins reminded the congregation how Toronto’s first bishop also came from Montreal and was also, as a...

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