Lawrence of Brindisi loved Sacred Scripture

During his studies for the priesthood Lawrence already showed remarkable ability for languages. In addition to Italian and Latin, Lawrence learned with ease both ancient languages (such as Greek, Hebrew and Syriac) and modern languages (such as French and German). Due to his ability for languages, Lawrence was able to preach to different categories of people. He carried out apostolate in northern Italy, beyond the Alps, Bohemia, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Catholic Critique

Catholic Critique News reviewed from a Catholic point of view May 22, 2023 By Catholic Conscience Child Services Agencies Threaten Investigation and Possible Action Against Parents of School Children Accused of Using “Improper” Gender Pronouns at School Parents of schoolchildren in Ontario report having received calls from child protection agencies threatening investigation, and potentially removal...

A computer wrote this column … mostly

I can ask ChatGPT, “Write me a short story on a trip to the desert.” Or “write me some computer code to solve the quadratic equation.” I can ask ChatGPT to write me a poem about passwords and security, or a lesson plan on the water cycle, suitable for a Grade 5 level. I’ve even heard of a local priest who experimented with it in writing a homily. In the process, ChatGPT is raising questions about where this sort of application will lead us.

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