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B.C. pilgrimages: a chance to recharge spiritual batteries and ‘be freed from our phones’

By James Risdon The pastor at Whistler’s Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, Father Andrew L’Heureux, tucks his Mass kit into his backpack every year…

Voice of truth needed in forging a new Church-Indigenous relationship

22 July 2024 Canada
Catholic Register Editorial Canada’s Catholic bishops deserve full credit for sticking with their commitment to, as Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith has framed it, walk the…

Charlottetown whipping 200 years of history into shape

The Diocese of Charlottetown has been cleaning out its closet in an effort to sort through some 200 years of history as part of an…

U.S. bishops, Holy See offer prayers following attempt on Donald Trump’s life

14 July 2024 Americas, Trending, US, Vatican News
By Charles Wells In a statement issued in the wake of Saturday’s attack on former U.S. President Donald Trump, the president of the United States…

The new colonialism

2 July 2024 Canada, News, Trending
From the heady days of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s appointment of a gender-equitable cabinet, “because it’s 2015,” through to its intimate ties with Canada 2020,…

Liberals caught in C-11 ‘disinformation’ web

1 July 2024 Canada, News, Trending
The federal government's own bureaucrats have exposed that with Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, Justin Trudeau's government has engaged in a “campaign of disinformation." So…

Pro-life group challenges ban from Klondike Days

1 July 2024 Alberta, Canada, Edmonton, News, Trending
Edmonton Prolife has filed a lawsuit against the Explore Edmonton Corporation — the local government’s visitor economy and venue management organization — for banning its…


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