The funeral cortege for former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney takes to the snowy streets of Montreal on March 23, 2024. Mr. Mulroney’s hearse was accompanied by eight RCMP pallbearers, along with four RCMP officers on horseback, a Canadian Armed Forces escort and guard of honour and the Royal Canadian Air Force Band. (Peter Stockland photo)

Prime Minister Mulroney’s funeral: ‘Mulroney was the last. There are no statesmen left in the world’

Msgr. Francis Coyle shared more with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney than having an Irish name. Msgr. Coyle is pastor of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Basilica, which he says the Mulroney children referred to as “Dad’s church.” He presided over the 2008 wedding of the former Prime Minister’s eldest son, Ben, and from March 21 to 23,...

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who died on Feb. 29, is shown at a 2014 event. (Canada 2020 Photo)

Brian Mulroney’s Catholic faith forged his identity

When Pope (now St.) John Paul II arrived in Ottawa in 1984 – the first Pontiff to visit this country – greeting him in Ottawa was Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. Mr. Mulroney, one of 10 Catholics who have held that office since 1867, died on Feb. 29. The “little guy from Baie Comeau,”...

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