St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre in Montreal

Judge denies MAiD stay on Montreal centre

A Quebec Superior Court judge has denied the Archdiocese of Montreal’s request for a stay of the legal obligation placed on a Montreal palliative care centre to offer assisted death to its residents. Justice Catherine Piché said in her March 1 ruling that “the balance of convenience does not favour the issuance of a stay.”...

Archbishop of Toronto Frank Leo

Bishop Francis Leo is installed as Archbishop of Toronto at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in Toronto, March 25, 2023. (Michael Swan)

Francis Leo installed as Archbishop of Toronto

By Peter Stockland His Grace Francis Leo offered up gratitude to Christ as he was made Archbishop of Toronto at today’s Mass in a packed St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica that was equally filled with the spirit of the Annunciation. “The most important thing is gratefulness to Jesus Christ … gratitude for our salvation, for the...

Cardinal Collins and Bishop Leo

Cardinal Collins retirement to be filled by Montreal’s Bishop Leo

Cardinal Collins retirement to be filled by Montreal’s Bishop Leo

On hearing that Montreal Bishop Frank Leo would succeed him as Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins immediately thought of Toronto’s first bishop, Michael Power. At a parish feast day Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes, downtown Toronto, Collins reminded the congregation how Toronto’s first bishop also came from Montreal and was also, as a...

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