A Cardus study found that climate change did not have an impact on women’s decisions about their family size. (Adobe)

For Canadian women it’s about diaper changes, not climate changes: Cardus report

By Sheila Nonato It may seem like climate change is the No. 1 concern for most Canadians. But it’s not a major factor in Canadian women’s decisions about the size of their families, according to a new report released by Cardus. “We’re responding to social media worries (that suggest) everybody is worried about climate change....

Women and families struggling with financial challenges because of pro-life choices they’ve made are receiving a helping hand from North Shore Pro-Life. The organization wants to expand its financial aid program, which offers $500 a month to help individuals with struggles as a result of choosing not to use abortion or euthanasia. (Adobe photos)

North Shore pro-life program helps with the challenges of choosing life

A North Shore Pro-Life financial aid program that helps mothers and families make difficult life-affirming decisions is approaching its first anniversary, with organizers saying they want to make it available to more people in need. The Life Affirmation Program helps lessen the financial burden faced by mothers and families who choose life, either for their children or elderly relatives at risk of euthanasia.

Mom and Tots Group

Overwhelmed mothers say church Moms and Tots groups are offering mentorship opportunities while addressing a common complaint they have about secular groups and activities: the negativity. (Nicholas Elbers photos)

Moms and Tots groups come to the rescue for weary mothers

By Nicholas Elbers Children are a blessing, but parenting can be stressful, and in the modern world many mothers feel lonely and isolated in their vocation. This is where parish Moms and Tots groups can be helpful.  During COVID, many groups for mothers and their small children tried to adapt to restrictions by meeting at...

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