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‘Miracle of providence’ staves off potential bankruptcy for Archdiocese of Moncton

19 February 2024 Canada, News, Trending
Benefitting from over seven months of hindsight, Archbishop Guy Desrochers considers it auspicious that the first liturgical reading he heard in late June upon accepting…

Can Canadian-filmed Ordinary Angels kickstart a moribund film industry?

15 February 2024 Canada, Trending
To create the climactic snowstorm sequence so central to the upcoming faith-based film Ordinary Angels, Director Jon Gunn and his team turned to Winnipeg. He…

Mother Paradis: third Canadian-born saint known for her ‘open arms and transparent heart’

15 February 2024 Canada, Quebec, Trending, Vatican
Rome’s announcement of a third Canadian-born saint answers the prayers of Blessed Mother Marie-Léonie Paradis’ community and friends. The Quebec-born founder of the Little Sisters…

Archdiocese of Montreal suing Quebec government over MAiD forced upon hospice

6 February 2024 Canada, Quebec, Trending
In what could prove to be a landmark case for religious and conscience rights in Canada, Montreal’s Archbishop Christian Lépine has taken on the Attorney…

Lawyer hopes Emergencies Act victory inspires Canadians to defend their rights

5 February 2024 Canada, Trending
The president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms hopes Canadians will better protect their civil liberties if there is another global health emergency in…

MAiD for mental illness must be stopped, not paused, Catholic and legal experts say

3 February 2024 Canada, Trending
Catholic and anti-euthanasia observers across Canada are welcoming the federal government’s decision to pause the introduction of assisted dying for individuals suffering from mental illness,…

A one-woman abortion crusade influenced Ottawa’s Summer Jobs program; will MAiD be next?

28 January 2024 Canada, News, Trending
It was Joyce Arthur and her Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) who convinced the Trudeau government to kick pro-life organizations out of the Canada…


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