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Controversial Online Harms Bill Debated in Parliament

14 June 2024 Canada, Trending
More than 100 days after its introduction, Bill C-63, The Online Harms Act, which immediately sparked passionate reactions of furor or support, was debated for…

Moncton monastery closes after nearly 125 years

10 June 2024 Canada, News, Trending
For 122 years, the monks who called the Cistercian-Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of Calvary in Rogersville, N.B.,  home bonded over their devotion to God…

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition granted intervenor status in assisted death case

7 June 2024 Canada, News, Trending
The Court of Appeal of Alberta has granted the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) intervenor status in the controversial case of a 27-year-old Calgary woman with…

Muslim family who worked in Gaza with Mother Teresa’s sisters now long for safety in Canada

6 June 2024 Canada, News, Trending
By James Risdon Amal Khames illustrates the complex religious and cultural reality of the war-torn Holy Land. A Muslim woman, she worked with Mother Teresa’s…

Toronto palliative care forum seeks a ‘narrative of hope’

3 June 2024 Canada, News, Trending
Amplifying advocacy and pastoral care efforts, bolstering educational resources and championing life-affirming legislation are among the recommendations emerging from an international interfaith symposium on palliative…

Victoria Catholic picks up support while showing solidarity for Israel

Sometimes, a free afternoon is all you need to start a counter-protest. Catholic pro-life organizer and retired journalist Steven Weatherbe was visiting Vancouver with his…

Toronto denied hard drug decriminalization

31 May 2024 Canada, News, Ontario, Toronto, Trending
As British Columbia throws in the towel on its experiment of decriminalizing hard drugs, admitting defeat in liberalizing its drug laws, the country’s largest city…


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