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Introduction Level

This 12-week, non-credit course covers the foundations of Catholic journalism, including the theology of Catholic journalism, basic journalism skills, such as the interview and what makes a good story, and ethics for the Catholic newsroom. The format includes lectures, discussions and assignments.

Who is this course for?

For journalists in the U.S., Canada or abroad at any stage in their career, as well as aspiring journalists, interested in working in Catholic news. Ideal for Catholic media who want to train a new hire and communications directors seeking insight into how to pitch to and work with Catholic journalists.

When is this course offered?

Fall of each year between October to December.


A 4 to 6 weeks course designed around a specific topic.

Multiple courses are offered so that each student can select based on their interests.

Who is this course for?


When are these courses offered?

Winter and Spring of each year.

Introduction Level

An full week of intense in-person workshop.

The in-augural workshop will take place in Toronto at the Newman Centre located at the University of Toronto campus between August 19 to 24, 2024.




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